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7 Interior Design Ideas To Maximize Productivity In Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where we all refresh, refuel and restart our day after each meal. Being such an essential part of the home it is crucial that the kitchen is designed in such a way that it increases your productivity rather than tiring you. This happens when the kitchen space is not utilized properly or because of a lack of proper layout. Kitchens, like any part of the house, need to be properly designed. Especially if you have a big family and you cook frequently. Small and convenient design elements will make your life easy and will make you relaxed. When you don’t have the microwave door opening on your face or the dishwasher taking up all the space or your deep freezer wasting the whole corner you’re definitely going to be much more productive in the kitchen when you’re not so annoyed in a clogged space. So let’s find out what changes you can make in the heart of your home to maximize productivity over there!

1. Go For Efficient Storage

To make the best out of small spaces, it is necessary to have proper and efficient storage. Nobody wants their appliances, cookware, and Tupperware to take up all the space and make it impossible to smoothly move around the kitchen.

Add sliding drawers in your kitchen cabinets for small appliances part. Put your pots and pans on display using a hanging rack, and store your cookbooks in a small portable organizer attached to the door of your kitchen cabinet.

Other than having efficient storage, it is recommended to buy space-saving and efficient appliances which can easily be stored in pull-out drawers or kitchen countertops. We know that some appliances are essential and there is just no way to get rid of them so your best bet would be to go for them in a smaller size. A slim refrigerator, a coffee machine in a pull-out drawer, and a toaster neatly tucked in kitchen cabinets will make your life so much easy!

2. Don’t Compromise On Your Kitchen Triangle

The theory of the kitchen triangle may have been at least a century old but to this day it is successful and relevant! Productivity and efficiency in any kitchen are based upon the kitchen triangle which means that your appliances including the sink, stove, and refrigerator should be in a triangle-like shape so that you can move easily around while cooking.

Many people feel that this does not make a difference but is a well-known and time-tested way to not only save time in the kitchen but to organize your kitchen in a well-structured manner. This major interior design update is a favourite amongst commercial kitchens where everything is about speed and time, so if you also need to get the cooking done quickly you should go for a modern kitchen triangle.

3. Built-in Pull Out Pantry

Dedicating a whole room, even if it is a small one to just your groceries would be unrealistic. Especially if you live alone a big pantry is almost useless and often a hindrance to your kitchen design.

There are numerous options for built-in drawers that serve as pull-out pantries. You can make a high-ceiling pantry cupboard to accommodate any extra groceries and if you have a bigger family you could dedicate 2 full cupboards to the pantry. The pull-out factor allows you to tuck it in and save space, move around easily and make your small kitchen always look in sync since no groceries will be lying around.

4. Light Up Your Kitchen

Interior designing is about improving the style of your kitchen and giving it a fresher look. Particularly if you are concerned with increasing productivity through interior design then lights play an equally important role. A dark and gloomy kitchen is no good if you want to be efficient in the kitchen. There’s a reason that we sleep in dark rooms, if you have a dark kitchen it will automatically make you feel sleepy and lethargic. Your productivity levels will instantly go down.

If you have accent lighting or bigger windows that allow natural light to flow in. Going to such a kitchen in the morning will wake you up instantly and get working!

5. Use Fresh Colors

Being productive is not just about the physical factors, in reality, your productivity has a lot to do with how you’re feeling. And I'm sure no one can be productive if they’re feeling lazy, down, and lethargic. Colours seem to have a very enlightening effect on us, many office spaces use this impact of colours in their space to increase productivity.

You can use the same idea in your kitchen and create an environment in your kitchen that resonates with your personality. Some people do very well in fresh pastel colours like lime yellow, light green, and lavender. While others bode well in brighter and darker colours. Depending on your taste, pick a colour palette of your choice and let the colours work their magic. You can even try a new wallpaper in the kitchen or change your backsplash!

6. Make Your Island Purposeful You may feel like every spacious kitchen needs a big island but for some families, it just is not necessary either because they have a separate dining room or because they don’t have a big enough family.

But if you haven't determined the purpose of your island it can be a big hindrance to your productivity in the kitchen both physically and mentally. Just like you have dedicated spaces in your whole house to something, use your island for some tasks too. You can use the storage underneath to store things that you don't frequently use or have your bin placed in the cupboards, install your oven here and have a faucet here to accommodate you. These things and much more according to each person’s needs can help the Island become a useful space and lead to more productivity in the kitchen. The location of the island (when in the middle of the kitchen) can help with a multitude of things.

7. Keep It Clean If you’re like me and would never work in an untidy space the best way to have a productive day in the kitchen is to have a clean and organized kitchen. It can never be stressed enough how important cleanliness and organization are to maximize productivity in any space. Make sure to wash your dishes on time, keep your pantry organized, your fridge clean and your floors shiny. This way you won’t be bothered by these things while cooking and with the additional time you were going to spend on washing the utensils that you need side by side you would be able to get everything done easily. Try to incorporate these things in your kitchen and see the difference for yourself. But remember to always give yourself the time and space to adjust to a new setting and most importantly allow yourself to have an unproductive day once in a while. Take the breaks that you need and your productivity will definitely improve!


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